How is the classification of machinery and equipment industry?

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Mechanical products The main categories of machinery and equipment a wide range. When the machine is in operation, some of its components can even carry out different forms of mechanical movement. Machinery and equipment by the drive, transmission, transmission, work devices, brakes, protective devices, lubrication systems, cooling systems and other components. The main products of the machinery industry include the following 12 categories: (1) agricultural machinery: tractors, planters, harvesting machines. (2) heavy mining machinery: metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, lifting machinery, loading and unloading machinery, mining vehicles, cement equipment. (3) Construction machinery: forklift, shovel soil transport machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery. (4) petrochemical general machinery: oil drilling machinery, oil refining machinery, chemical machinery, pumps, fans, valves, gas compressors, refrigeration and air conditioning machinery, paper machinery, printing machinery, plastic processing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery. (5) electrical machinery: power generation machinery, transformers, motors, high and low voltage switches, wire and cable, batteries, welding machines, household appliances. (6) machine tools: metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery, casting machinery, woodworking machinery. (7) cars: trucks, road buses, cars, modified cars, motorcycles and so on. (8) instrumentation: automated instrumentation, electrical instrumentation, optical instruments, component analyzers, automotive instrumentation, electrical equipment, audio-visual equipment, cameras and so on. (9) basic machinery: bearings, hydraulic parts, seals, powder metallurgy products, standard fasteners, industrial chain, gear, mold and so on. (10) packaging machinery: packaging machines, packing machines, conveyors and so on. (11) environmental protection machinery: water pollution control equipment, air pollution control equipment, solid waste treatment equipment. (12) other machinery.


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