China's Eleventh Five-Year CNC machine performance impressive

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China's Eleventh Five-Year CNC machine tool achievements "Eleventh Five-Year" since the country have promulgated the "speed up the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry a number of opinions" and "national long-term scientific and technological development plan"; 2009, in response to the international financial crisis Impact, the State Council has introduced a "national equipment manufacturing industry revitalization plan." In the revitalization of equipment manufacturing under the national policy, the state introduced a series of policies to the industry to vigorously support the industrial policy, import and export policies, tax policies have greatly promoted the machine tool industry in recent years, sustained and rapid development, including tax incentives The benefits of the policy to the enterprise so that a substantial increase in corporate profits. Policy support to give the industry a special advantage, to a certain extent, to ensure the rapid development of the industry and a higher margin of safety. CNC machine tools are metal cutting machine tool manufacturing. In addition to cutting, there are casting, forging, welding, stamping, extrusion, etc., but those who require high precision and surface roughness requirements of the smaller parts, generally need to be in the processing of mechanical parts, Machine tool with the cutting method for the final processing. The metal cutting machine is a cutting method of metal blanks into machine parts of the machine. In the machine data show that in 2010, CNC metal cutting machine tool growth, production increased 66.71% year on year growth rate increased 67.17 percentage points over the previous year. In the past 10 years, China's CNC metal cutting machine tool production compound annual growth rate of only 31.93%. 2010 growth data means that the development of CNC metal cutting machine tools have entered a new stage. Over the past five years, China's CNC machine tool production compound annual growth rate of 37.39% over the past 10 years, an average annual compound growth of 29.94% over the past 15 years compound growth of 22.10%. In the national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry and the international industry, driven by the transfer of China's equipment and equipment investment growth rate in the next 5 to 10 years will continue to maintain about 20% level, the machine tool industry demand will remain high growth. International mold and metal plastic industry supplier Association leader Luo Baihui said that driven by demand, China's CNC machine tool production to maintain rapid growth, with the deepening of economic restructuring, CNC machine tools and CNC system equipment listed companies are expected to high growth continue. 2010 CNC machine tool consumption of more than 6 billion US dollars, the number of more than 10 million units, indicating that the CNC machine tools has become the mainstream of machine tool consumption, China's future CNC machine tool market is huge....



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